Why are diapers necessary ?

In the early years baby has to defecate or urinate frequently and it is a struggle to clean it oft-times. The diapers have made the life of mothers way too easier. 

Baby diapers is one of the greatest invention and have become all mothers essential. They provide babies and mothers both hygiene and ease. Diapers are not only convenient for mothers but they also provide comfort to babies. You just wrap it around and this phenomenal invention keeps all tidy and clean the whole day long. It makes the baby feel pleasant and they actively participates in his daily activities. Not only this, diapers also helps baby sleep well.

Disposable diapers are more a blessing for working parents first it is minimal work for both parents and second baby’s  cleanup is not needed at every change so it is time saving as well.

Roughly a baby requires around 6000 diapers before he is toilet trained. Most of the mothers prefer disposable over cloth diapers.They are available in different sizes according to baby’s requirements, easy to fasten and change. They have good absorbing quality and keep the wetness locked for hours and prevents any leakage.

Though diapers are considered to be one of the ways of baby’s waste management as the disposable diapers are posing serious threat to environment. They lack quick biodegradability and might require several years to decompose and break down.

Many critics even call them unnecessary. The reason being that babies are born with the ability to communicate about when they have to eliminate. And they provide cues to the parents. But we have developed a culture of making our children diaper habitual. And they excrete considering it their toilet. It makes toilet training difficult for parents as it becomes difficult for kids to leave their comfort zones. 

The diapers requires to be changed consistently otherwise they cause rashes and infections on baby’s skin. If not changed on time, they can lead towards health problems requiring medical aid and attention. These widely popular nappies better known to be diapers contain chemicals such as dioxins, dyes and sodium polyester and other perfumes that could be harmful to baby’s sensitive parts.  They are costly and put extra financial burden on family’s budget as well. There are families who still cannot afford diapers giving rise to a new phenomena called Diaper Need.

Many people also speak about making the world diaper free by training babies of their toilet routine and encourage potty training in the first year. This would not only lessen the burden from parents, sets the child’s routine but also won’t harm the environment.

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